Methods With Parameters

To extend the functionality of our methods, we can define them with parameters and provide them with arguments. Parameters are placeholder names we put between the method's parentheses when we define the method and arguments are pieces of code that we put in the method's parentheses when we call the method. Take this example:

def clap_hands(number)
    puts "Clap " * number

In this example, we pass number as a parameter. Then within our method, we puts the word "Clap " to the console as many times as number.

Just like methods that do not have parameters, we need to call the method for it to take effect. So in this example we would call our clap_hands method like so:


This would puts the string "Clap " three times to the console. The value of 3 is the argument that we are providing the method.


Using the provide code, create a method called square that takes a parameter number and then puts the squared result of the number you pass through. To pass the test, square the number 2. Remember to call the method!

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