Strings are anything between "" or ''. It makes no difference if you use single quotes or double quotes. For example,

myFirstString = 'I am a string!' #single quotes
mySecondString = "Me too!" #double quotes

There are many things you can do with strings, using methods. .length will give you the number of characters in a string.

"Hi!".length #is 3

.reverse will flip the string around.

"Hi!".reverse #is !iH

.upcase will make a string all caps.

"Hi!".upcase #is HI!

and .downcase will make a string all lowercase.

"Hi!".downcase #is hi!

There are many more methods, but I am not going to list them all. You can also use many methods at once. They are solved from left to right.

"Hi!".downcase.reverse #is !ih


Take the given string and use methods to make the code print out "!edoc ma i !ih".